Yossi Carmon, CEO

Enthusiastic entrepreneur and experienced key executive in the high-tech industry, with more than 20 years of activity.

Yossi's professional life has varied between positions in enterprise organizations and startups. He has extensive experience in developing and launching new departments and organizational initiatives. Over the years, he dedicated himself to improving organizational performance, driving strategic cost reduction, and increasing employee engagement for higher marketing outcomes.

Yossi is a veteran of IDF Mamram unit, the Israel Defense Forces' elite central computing system unit. He has an MBA degree from Bar-Ilan University, a bachelor's degree in software engineering and a bachelor's degree in social science, also from Bar-Ilan University.


Amit Fix, VP Investor Relations & Business Devlopment

Business executive for companies and non-profit organizations, with over two decades of experience.

Amit Fix has had a very successful 20 year career in the business field wherein he has founded and held executive positions in for-profit and non-profit sectors. He has extensive experience in the high-tech, financial, health care, and pharmaceutical industries. He currently sits on the boards of directors of several organizations. Amit has raised capital from seed to late stage, he has developed and reorganized fledgling and well-established businesses. He is known as a creative genius in the marketing field and his consultancy is eagerly sought by for-profit and non-profit organizations.