Celebrating Selarator with hoagie cuts and a pitch fest

November 25th, 2013, by Yossi Carmon

A new incubator held a fairly impressive first time conference with one lucky startup taking away with NIS 10K in prize money

Selarator, a new startup incubator and seed to early stage investor, formally introduced themselves to Israel's investor and startup communities today with some intriguing industry insider perspectives, an impressive startup pitch fest and some really awesome deli sandwiches. Read Online See Event Page

יזמות וחדשנות

4 נובמבר, 2013, מאת: יוסי כרמון

Selarator מזמינה אתכם לשעתיים של העשרה יזמית, יחד עם יוסי כרמון, מנכ"ל Selarator וקרן בראון, מייסדת Foodportunity, יזמית סדרתית בתחום המזון, בלוגרית ומחברת המדריך "Food Lovers' Guide to Seattle".

15 בנובמבר, 2013 , יום שישי 09:00 - 11:00. בית סלע, ברוך הירש 14-18, בני ברק (מול קניון איילון), קומה חמישית.
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Innovation Event At The Golden Crown Nazareth Hotel

June 7th, 2013, by Yossi Carmon

Last Friday, June 7th, we hosted at the Golden Crown Nazareth hotel the first kick-starter innovation event. Through the weekend five teams kick started their projects. Saturday night each team presented their demo in front of Selarator's management and other key executives. It was lovely to watch these five teams, function in harmony and synergy within their respective teams and watching the teams helping one another to succeed in their endeavor. Selarator focused on one of the presented projects, which they believe will be a leading product in its market. View the picture from the event